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Our mission is to help you get well and stay well for lifelong vibrant health.

“The healing power of real, whole food and natural whole food supplements cannot be overstated. This is how our bodies are meant to heal and thrive.” ~ Cindy Harrington

“The healing power of real, whole food and natural whole food supplements cannot be overstated. This is how our bodies are meant to heal and thrive.” ~ Cindy Harrington

meet Cindy Harrington

As owner and founder of Center for Nutritional Healing, my sole mission is to help each client get well and stay well for lifelong vibrant health. Why? Because my own life experiences – including years of poor health – led me down the path to seek answers and help for myself. I always believed in my body’s ability to heal itself, but didn’t know how to facilitate the healing or sustain positive changes to my diet and lifestyle. An education in nutrition and nutritional healing served to address my immediate health concerns. Not only was I successful at regaining my well-being and strength, I also experienced for myself the amazing powers of the body’s capacity to heal and learned how to sustain positive changes for my lifetime.

The walls of my practice are lined with certificates confirming my formal training and education. But it is the positive results I have personally experienced that are the truest testament to my qualifications and expertise. Today I facilitate healing for others who also experience health issues, and coach them along the path to optimal health through nutrition and nutritional healing.

My Story

Growing up, I lived on the standard American diet of sweets and processed foods until well into my 20s. As a teen, I developed acne and suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps. My energy was low, I fatigued quickly, and had low immunity. Doctors readily prescribed antibiotics for whatever ailed me.

I developed urge incontinence and debilitating chronic pelvic floor pain in my 30s and was plagued by lethargy and generalized aches and pains. In my long, extensive search for answers, I discovered a board-certified naturopathic doctor who proposed Nutrition Response Testing®. Unfamiliar with Nutrition Response Testing, I quickly learned about its noninvasive system of analyzing the body to determine underlying causes of illness and less-than-optimal health. I started following the Nutrition Response Testing program in November 2015 and achieved powerful results, as indicated by dramatic improvements to my health – improvements that remain strong today. It was an absolute God-send and dramatically changed the course of my life.

How Nutrition Response Testing Helped Me

I was so impressed with my own results and health improvements, there was no doubt I could share the incredible benefits with others. I couldn’t learn Nutrition Response Testing fast enough! My education and training have been extensive, including completing the formal training program and graduating at the highest level. I am proud to be a Clinical Master and as a result, have the full education, tools, and skills to handle the toughest, most difficult health issues – and do so naturally, effectively, and safely – using the most powerful system of healing I believes exists.

Because my healing and improvements are ongoing, I remain committed to my own Nutrition Response Testing program – a commitment that is paying off. Even today, I continue to see improvements, prevent chronic illness and disease, manage stress, and maintain good health.

Since starting the program, I have experienced the following:

  • Marked increase in energy – to get through the day without feeling fatigued and exhausted from just climbing stairs

  • Generalized achiness eliminated

  • 18 pound weight loss

  • Improved immunity - to stay healthy all year long

  • Improved pelvic pain/inflammation – no more debilitating flare-ups

  • Hemorrhoids healed

  • Urge incontinence gone

  • Premenstrual/menstrual symptoms stopped – no more mood swings or cramps

  • Perimenopausal symptoms eliminated – no more hot flashes or memory issue

  • Improved breast health as shown on periodic thermogram results

  • Improved digestion / elimination of stomach pain

  • Prescription/pharmaceutical drug use eliminated

  • No need for surgery

I am passionate about, confident in, and proof of, the healing powers of Nutrition Response Testing. Constantly in learning mode, I am currently studying for an advanced degree in human clinical nutrition. People of all ages - women, men, and children alike - benefit from my testing, counseling and support. In my office, I see clients for Nutrition Response Testing and offer informational presentations on a wide variety of health-related topics. My husband, Dr. Joel Clyman, supplements my offerings by providing personal training services, yoga instruction, and health coaching.

When not in my office, I teach yoga at the local YMCA, play the piano professionally, and relax at home with Joel and our beloved cat Mae.

Certifications and degree

Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.
Advanced Clinical Training Graduate in Nutrition Response Testing

Trinity School of Natural Health
Nutritional Counselor
Health Specialist

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Yoga Life Institute
Yoga Teacher

University of Maryland
Bachelor of Arts


Maryland University of Integrative Health
Master of Science program in Nutrition and Integrative Health (Human Clinical Nutrition concentration)


Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
Spring-Ford Chamber of Commerce

Weston A Price Foundation