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Personal Training

At Center for Nutritional Healing, we believe physical strength and fitness are an integral component to achieving and maintaining our body’s health. To that end, we offer personal training services using an approach that is scientific, holistic, and individualized. Certified Personal Trainer Dr. Joel Clyman works with people of all ages, from young adults to seniors, and any fitness level. Dr. Clyman customizes each personal training program to help clients reach their unique fitness goals, which ultimately enables them to effectively and properly perform their activities of daily living and enjoy an improved quality of life.

 Clients who register for the CFNH personal training program receive the following:

1. Initial screening to ensure you are medically screened and cleared for the program

2. Fitness evaluation

3. Goals determination/setting

4. Individualized fitness and nutrition program designed around your goals

Everyone’s goals are different. Some clients come to us already knowing theirs. For example, they want to walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing or they want to run a 5K race. They want toned muscles or to be stronger. They want to lose weight. Consider yours: flexibility, strength, improved balance, greater mobility? Activity-, sports-, or physique-related? Whatever your goals for personal training, Dr. Clyman will develop a program to address them using an appropriate variety of exercise and nutrition. And you meet regularly to work on implementing your program and following through until you’ve reached your goals – and success!