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Nutrition Response Testing®

Our program restores your body’s potential to heal and repair itself through proper nutrition and nutritional supplements. Through Nutrition Response Testing® we test your body’s nervous system. Because the nervous system regulates the functioning of every organ in our body, we analyze the neurological reflexes on the surface of your body that relate to the state of your health and the flow of energy for every organ, gland, joint, and muscle. Each area that gives a response during testing indicates the effect that energy, or lack of energy, is having on the body. It is through these highly accurate clinical responses that we then identify exactly what your body needs to heal.

Health restoration at Center for Nutritional Healing includes a Personalized Health Improvement Program to correct underlying health deficiencies and imbalances. Our first step is to provide nutrition counseling and design a highly personalized nutritional supplement schedule. The supplements we recommend in the course of this program are whole-food concentrates and of the highest quality. In addition, they are organic, GMO-free, and reasonably priced. When you adhere to your three-phase personalized program as precisely as possible, you will be well on the way to restoring normal bodily function and improving your overall health.


At Center for Nutritional Healing we recommend three phases for health restoration:

1.     Fine-tuning Phase – During this phase, you will commence the initial supplement program and we monitor your diet and make recommendations for essential improvements you will need to make in order to maximize your gains. This phase typically lasts approximately 12 weeks but depends on the rate your body responds and your level of commitment to the program.

2.     Healing and Observation Phase – During the initial 24-week phase, we monitor your active organs and body areas to make sure everything is responding appropriately to the program, and make recommendations in the event further layers arise that require changes to nutrition and supplements. Everyone’s healing and observation phase is different – some longer than others – depending on their individual situation. This phase also includes a reevaluation of your progress to determine your actual rate of recovery.

3.     Maintenance Phase – Maintain your more optimized health by adhering to an ongoing health maintenance program designed to meet your specific needs. We may recommend you retain some of your current program and/or make changes to supplements for long-term benefits. Office visits over the next year and beyond let us protect and continue to improve your health together.