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"Cindy’s Nutrition Response Testing evaluation met my expectations and more because of her gentle touch and encouragement.
I really appreciated her telling me what she was doing. She was very attuned to me!" - G. F.

Throat Pressure and Phlegm
Before coming to Center for Nutritional Healing three months ago, I felt concerned that the symptoms I was dealing with were of a very serious nature and didn’t want to go the medical route. I was experiencing pressure in my throat and was always choking on phlegm. I couldn’t breathe. I started seeing results quickly, within a few weeks. I worked on my diet by eliminating certain foods I was sensitive to and took Standard Process supplements. Now I have no pressure in my throat and I’m not choking on phlegm. I was also amazed to find that my necklace and the wire in my bras were affecting my nervous system so much.” - Anonymous

Competitive Runner
“I’ve been working with Cindy for five months. I hadn’t heard of Nutrition Response Testing before. I was referred to her by a friend. I had been wanting to level up my nutrition/health, but didn’t know what supplements (if any) my body needed and in what quantities. This is one of the things I love most about Cindy’s program. You ONLY give your body what it needs! Before working with Cindy, I was tired, foggy-headed, irritable and easily overwhelmed. I also had quite a bit of stomach bloating, indigestion and slower recovery from physical training. Since working with Cindy, I am more educated on how certain foods affect my body. I have significantly more energy, clarity and focus. Stomach bloating, indigestion and slower recovery have improved significantly. I also feel more confident about what I’m putting into my body. I haven’t felt this good in years! As a competitive athlete, I know how important nutrition is to recovery and performance. Currently I’m running some of my highest most consistent mileage EVER! Two months ago, I was 28 minutes under the qualifying time for the Boston marathon and am looking forward to racing in 2020!” - Lisah

Severe Pain
”Three months ago I was extremely fatigued and barely able to perform daily activities such as cooking and cleaning. I was in severe pain constantly. My body felt clogged, congested, and sluggish. Now I have constant great energy. I have no more fatigue, no more congestion, no more digestive issues, no more allergies. My body feels more aligned, the way it’s supposed to be. Now I cook, clean, and go for walks at night. Before I couldn’t do any of these things! I’ve even been able to reduce my pain medications.” - Janice Haynes

Cancer Treatment
”I suffered from ongoing bowel problems for over a year resulting from cancer treatment. Frustrated with lack of solutions from the medical community, I sought help from Center for Nutritional Healing. Cindy altered my diet and supplements and I can finally say, after eight months, I’m back to better-than-normal!” - R.D.

Poor Memory
I have been under care at Center for Nutritional Healing for three months. I'm a senior and had developed poor memory and foggy brain. Now, I'm remembering more things and don't have to make as many notes. My mind is clearer. My daughter says I'm not repeating myself when we have a conversation and I'm a lot calmer and centered.” - Carolyn C.

I’ve been coming to Center for Nutritional Healing for three months. At first I was fatigued and lethargic with a sore back and legs. Now I’m motivated! I can do things I couldn’t do before without being tired. I have more energy and less pain.” - Janicemay Murphy

Low Energy
I had low, inconsistent energy, periodic headaches coupled with intense fatigue, and digestive difficulties (slow digestion, nausea, belching). After only a month and a half on my program I have total relief. My energy is consistently at a healthy level, my headaches are gone, and my digestion is back to normal. Even my seasonal allergies went away!” -Randy Rex

Seasonal Allergies
“I would dread every spring (maple pollen) and fall (ragweed), because it would bring on the constant migraines that NOTHING could touch, sneezing, and runny nose, itchy eyes. It would be gorgeous outside and I just wanted someone to put me out of my misery. I made several dietary changes and added supplements to improve my gut health, which made a HUGE leap in cutting down my allergy symptoms. However, if I forgot to take my supplements or was a little late, I'd feel the pain come back and have to rush to get the next dose. Since my work with Cindy this year, I found that while I still feel a little more tired than usual, even without the supplements, I feel NORMAL. This is truly a MIRACLE! I actually cried with this one. I could FINALLY enjoy a beautiful spring day without being in excruciating pain.” - Alisa Oswalt

Was Wasting Precious Time
I am so fortunate to have met Cindy...the Body Whisperer! Quit wasting precious time trying to figure out your health issues. Cindy immediately identified the real concerns and calmed all the turbulent surface waves. Now we are headed deeper towards the foundational dysfunctions. Because of Cindy’s gift, I am on the road to healing: Get well, Stay well!” - Gail J., Chester County, PA

When I first came to Center for Nutritional Healing two months ago, I wasn’t feeling very well. I had a lot of anxiety. My menstrual periods were lasting 15 days. I also had night sweats and a large fibroid. My most recent menstrual cycle only lasted seven days! I’ve gone 35 days without an anxiety attack and no night sweats at all in the past 30 days.” - Anonymous

Overall Heath Improvement
I highly recommend Cindy Harrington at Center for Nutritional Healing!! I consulted her as a wellness patient four months ago. I wasn’t experiencing many symptoms interfering with my daily life – but she has already enhanced my life greatly since I began care. During my exam, we went over my health history of surgeries, medications, and antibiotics which I feel has been impacting my body’s health. I have scar tissue, a more sensitive digestive track, and nervous system. I would occasionally have rashes after using certain deodorants – even the all-natural, aluminum-free products. Since starting care, she has identified different food sensitivities and I have experienced improvement with energy levels, better moods, fewer colds, severely decreased recovery time of colds and illness, completely normal gut health, and improved muscular activation… I recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to improve their health (symptomatic or not!) and wants to understand how our nutrition, diet, and our environment all impact our health!!” - Lydia

Had No Idea What Was Affecting Her
“For YEARS I had no idea what I was eating, drinking, and putting on my body were affecting how I felt everyday. It didn't even matter that some things were "supposed to be healthy." They weren't right for MY body. Cindy is a local practitioner who has been wonderful in helping me tweak my eating plan for what works for me, along with vitamins and supplements - including SAVING me some money from buying things I didn't need!” - Alisa Oswalt

Bronchitis-Like Symptoms
“'When I came to Center for Nutritional Healing, I felt run down and had bronchitis-like symptoms. I just wanted to feel good inside my body. It’s been a year and a half and at 53 years young, I feel great! Every time I go off my nutritional program, or I’m exposed to a toxic product or even something like air pollution, I see Cindy and she identifies what has caused any dis-ease in my body. Even before I mention what I’ve been exposed to, it comes up in her testing.” - Brenda Anne

Eye Health
Went to my optometrist today. She asked what I was doing differently. I said I’m now only eating meats, poultry, fish, nuts and veggies. Know what she said? There’s less fat in the veins of your eyes. How cool is that?! Wow! My stigmatism and cataracts haven’t progressed either. What an unexpected benefit! Yippee!” - A.M.L.

Trouble Sleeping & No Menstrual Period
I wasn’t sleeping through the night. Severe pain in my gut would wake me from a deep sleep. I had allergies and had to take Nasonex every night. If I didn’t take Nasonex, I would get post-nasal drip that would also prevent me from sleeping. I hadn’t had my menstrual period in six months. My OB/GYN said it was because I was experiencing early pre-menopause. I have been on a Nutrition Response Testing program for three months and my sleep is better overall. My alleriges are significantly better and I recently stopped taking Nasonex. Equally remarkable, I’ve had my period every month since I started my nutritional program!” - Heather Veraska

Stiff Joints & Low Back Pain
Five months ago, my joints always felt stiff and sore. I felt like I was always moving slowly. I had been afflicted with low back pain for 15 to 20 years. The pain had started to radiate around into my hip. Today I feel 10 years younger! After working with Cindy and coming up with a personalized plan, I quickly began to feel better. My back and hip pain are gone.” - N.D.

Lethargy & Pain
Before starting my nutritional program four months ago, I always felt lethargic and I was in constant pain. I suffered from chronic knee pain and had days I could barely walk. I felt constantly bloated and just not myself. Now I feel like a whole new person. I don't get the afternoon slump anymore. I can exercise with no pain, and get through a whole day of standing and teaching with no problem. I feel better after eating. I don't feel as bloated because I know to stay away from what makes me feel like that. Amazing!" - N.D.


Knee Pain
"Before coming to Center for Nutritional Healing, I felt awful. I was lost, in pain, and looking for help. I had chronic knee pain and couldn't get through the day walking or going upstairs. It has only been a week and I already feel so much better. I have no knee pain at all. I can go upstairs with no issues now. I feel like I can get back to exercising like I used to." - Nicole D.


Sugar Cravings
"Seven months ago I was tired, achy, not able to concentrate and was always craving sweets. Today I am full of energy. I have no more aches - none. My concentration is at 100%. And my sweet cravings have dramatically decreased. When I have a midday slump, I can trace it back to overeating or something I ate for lunch. Now I know the cause." - Rebecca M.


Neck & Back Pain
"I felt terrible when I came to Center for Nutritional Healing two months ago. I was tired and had neck and back pain for years. I also had headaches, anxiety, poor digestion and was dizzy. Now I feel great. After the first visit I noticed an improvement. Once Cindy detected dairy was stressing my body, I no longer had neck and back pain. I would have never thought a food was the cause." - Amy Curley


"I was moody and my spirit was down because I constantly had headaches. They were so bad sometimes they made me cry. It's been just two weeks since I started my nutritional program and I feel much better. I'm energized. Every morning I wake up more refreshed. This past week I only had one headache and it only lasted 30 minutes. My family even notices the change in me." - M.V.E.


Cholesterol Levels
"My cholesterol levels had been going up and up through the years. The doctors tried everything to control it but the medications just made me sick. After ten months on a Nutrition Response Testing® program, I had my blood cholesterol levels checked. My cholesterol was 179, down from 260. My triglycerides were 120-something, down from 390. It's all due to Nutrition Response Testing!" - Pat D.


Stomach Pain
"I felt very badly ten months ago. Every joint in my body hurt which was a usual fact of life for me. I had bad stomach pain no matter what I ate. I was really tired all the time and had to take a nap at 3:00 pm every day. I've never felt better than I do now. No more stomach pain anymore, ever. It's awesome! I no longer have joint pain, only when the weather is bad. And now I have enough energy to do things without getting totally exhausted. - B.M.


Vaginal Itching & Burning
"I felt like crap when I first came to Center for Nutritional Healing. For years, I experienced constant vaginal itching and burning and no medication helped. And for at least three weeks, my lungs were heavy and burned. My throat was scratchy and raw. My voice was hoarse. After five months on a nutritional program, I feel awesome. My chest, voice, throat and energy level is 100% improved. The vaginal symptoms have subsided completely unless I eat sugar. This program works!" - Anne from Collegeville, PA


Muscle, Joint & Lung Pain
"I was feeling very poorly, constantly fighting chronic pain from scleroderma including muscle, joint and lung pain. It has been seven and a half months since I have been coming to Center for Nutritional Healing. I feel extremely well now. My pain level is much more manageable. I can walk farther distances because I have more breath to walk farther. The changes to diet have been beneficial in bringing up my level of health. And I've lost 25 pounds without even trying!" - Pat D.


"I was tired and sluggish. Since I was a child, I would only have a bowel movement every two days, had stomach pain almost everyday, and struggled with my weight. After just one week on the program, I feel awesome. I've lost five pounds. I'm having a bowel movement every day, no sugar cravings, and have a ton of energy. My stomach pain has gone away. And it's weird because my obstetrician told me the pain was caused by adhesions from two C-sections, and the pain would never go away unless I had surgery. No surgery for me!"  - Rebecca Buzby


Skin Irritation
"Sand got in between two of my toes and caused irritation for two months. Somehow the irritation became worse a month ago, so much I had to take my sneaker off to get relief. I saw Cindy for an appointment yesterday and mentioned this particular issue. I took her recommended supplement and my toe feels 95% better today. Toe-tally amazing!" - N. S.


"I was at my wits' end. For over four months, I couldn't control my hives. I tried an over-the-counter medication that wasn't helping at all and I began to feel it was harming me, rather than addressing my symptoms. My doctors didn't know where to turn. I didn't want to be put on prescription medications that would mask my symptoms. I wanted to get to the root of the problem and heal it. What a difference one week makes! Until a week ago, I felt like I just wanted to crawl out of my skin. Now I'm able to sleep at night and I'm basically itch-free." - Jill S.


Bloat & Fatigue
"Before starting my nutritional program, I felt bloated, tired, ugly and fat. I coughed a lot and had low energy. Stress would cause my brain to shut down. I couldn’t think on my feet. All I wanted to do after work was go home and put my pajamas on. I have been working with Cindy for five months and now feel energized! The cough has gone away. My brain fog is very minimal. When I don’t feel up to par or 100%, I think about what I ate the day before and it explains exactly why I feel the way I do. I can handle stress in a much easier fashion. It’s absolutely amazing! I have absolutely no aches and pains in my body now, except for some plantar fascitis and we’re working on it. It’s unbelieveable!" - a happy & satisfied anonymous client


Knee Surgery
"My right knee was not mending properly after meniscus repair surgery. I had to wear a knee brace while dancing and needed to get my right knee adjusted about 2-3 times a week. I was seriously considering going back to the surgeon when I found out about Center for Nutritional Healing. Three weeks after starting the nutritional program, I no longer needed my knee adjusted and was dancing without a brace! I'm happy to report after 8 weeks, as an added bonus, I've shed 7 pounds, just by choosing more nutritious foods. I continue to be amazed every day!" - N. S.


"When I first started at Center for Nutritional Healing, I had a red rash and “bacteria” on my face that was irritated and burned if I sweat. I was very fatigued. It was tough for me to get up in the morning and I would crash in the late afternoon. I occasionally got nose bleeds for no apparent reason when my body temperature went up. After working with Cindy for just 3 ½ months, I now feel great. I’m definitely glad I tried a different way of healing. My face has improved dramatically. The red rash on my face is gone and I no longer have the burning sensation when sweating. My energy is much better and more even throughout the day. I don’t crash anymore in the afternoon. I haven’t had a nose bleed since I started my nutritional program. People need to wake up and realize there’s another way than prescribing pills." – Jonathan E.


"When I first went to Center for Nutritional Healing, I was feeling lethargic and low on energy. I turned to food for comfort on a regular basis, ate a lot of sweets, and binged on quick food options. I didn't put a lot of thought into what I was eating. Also, I had a lot of allergies in general, including reactions to my cat every time I got home from work. After five months of working with Cindy, I have about ten times more energy than before. I've lost 19 pounds and my body fat percentage has significantly decreased. I very rarely go to food for comfort now. Sometimes I'm tempted, but it's 100% easier to resist cravings. I haven't had any allergy symptoms since I started my nutritional program. Overall, I am more health conscious about the foods I eat and the products I use on my body and in my home." - K.E.


Mental Sluggishness
"Before coming to Center for Nutritional Healing, I was frustrated because I knew something was out of balance with my health. I wasn't sure what would be the most effective way to improve it. My biggest complaint was fatigue and mental sluggishness midday. I would take an afternoon nap every day I was able. I also experienced unexplainable bouts of body heat and sweating. It's been only three weeks since I started a nutritional program and I feel great! I have so much energy. It's amazing. It's really amazing! I don't take naps anymore. I haven't taken a nap in two weeks. I can keep up with my active kids. It's so much more fun when I'm not tired in the mid-afternoon. The high body heat and sweating has improved dramatically. The tips Cindy gives are gradual and incremental. She is able to look at what I'm doing and offer targeted guidance for what would work best for me - a customized approach." - Shelley D.

Thyroid Dysfunction
"I see miracles every day in my work with Nutrition Response Testing. Today we are celebrating the success of a dear family member. Our beloved cat Mae was very sick for months. She lost four pounds, was throwing up all over the house, had diarrhea and became a very picky eater. Four months ago, our veterinarian diagnosed her with thyroid and liver disease and put her a medication to improve thyroid hormone levels and another to make her super hungry so she would eat. She gained back the weight and her other symptoms seemed to improve, until one month ago when her thyroid T4 blood level got worse, she started throwing up again, had some diarrhea and was not herself. At that point, I realized the drugs were not handling the root cause of her disease. So I tested Mae via Nutrition Response Testing, identified several stressors on her little body, tested her for the exact supplements that would help her heal, and put her on a program. She responded immediately. She stopped throwing up, starting eating whatever food we gave her (without the medication), her energy came back, and no more diarrhea. Today, after less than a month, I took her back to the vet. Her thyroid blood levels were completely normal! The technician told me she had to look twice when she saw the amazing results, thinking she was testing the wrong blood." - Cindy Harrington, Founder of Center for Nutritional Healing

Brenda came to Center for Nutritional Healing extremely fatigued, with a sore, scratchy throat and pain/tightness in her chest. In this video, she explains the transformation that has taken place with those symptoms and in her overall health with a strong commitment to her Nutrition Response Testing® program.