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Toxic Exposure and What You Can Do

by Cindy Harrington, CNC, CHS, CINHC, CYT
Center for Nutritional Healing

We are unknowingly surrounded by toxins everywhere we turn. Never in history have humans been exposed to so many. And unfortunately, those of us living in the United States are exposed to significantly more toxins than our European counterparts due to significantly less regulation of toxic chemicals. You see, there are more than 1,300 harmful chemicals American companies can legally include in the products they manufacture and sell to us. We’ve innocently put our trust in them. The result to our health has been devastating and there’s no end in sight.

Toxins are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. They're in everyday skin care products, our cosmetics, and perfumes. Toxins are in plastics and home cleaning products. They’re in our medicines, amalgam dental fillings, and immunizations. We’re exposed to toxic radiation when we fly and when we get x-rays at the doctor's office. What we don’t realize is these toxins are absorbed into our bodies, accumulate, and weaken our organs, glands and other areas. Our precious and vulnerable human bodies are simply not equipped to handle it all. The result can include symptoms, illness, and/or disease.

We can all take steps to reduce our exposure to toxins. Awareness of the prominence of toxins in our lives is the first step. If you have been exposed to toxins, and you surely have, there is tremendous hope. At Center for Nutritional Healing, we regularly test every client for exposure to toxins and when identified, recommend safe, natural supplements to aid the body to gently clear those toxins and heal. And, as I say time and again, “It doesn’t have to be a big whopper deal!” With our efficient, non-invasive system of testing, Nutrition Response Testing®, we simply identify exactly what your unique body needs and put you on the road to getting well and staying well. It’s the way our precious bodies are meant to truly heal (naturally!) and it’s amazing.

Take a moment to read the testimonials at Almost all the clients represented had at least one toxin contributing to their ill health. All of them responded positively to simple, natural supplements that empowered the body to heal itself.