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Fundamentals of Good Health

by Cindy Harrington, CNC, CHS, CINHC, CYT
Center for Nutritional Healing

Last week I gave a free health seminar entitled “Why Am I Always Tired?” We discussed three fundamentals of good health that can prevent and heal the majority of health issues we all encounter, including fatigue. Your present and long term health depends on all three. 

1.  Drink enough pure water. Consistently drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water each day. I do not recommend tap water. Instead, drink spring water or filtered water. Using a Brita pitcher with a filter at home is a great place to start. And no, the water in coffee, soda, and other flavored beverages doesn’t count towards your daily intake.

2.  Get enough quality sleep. Consistently get at least eight hours of sleep per night. And lights out by 10:00 p.m.! 

3.  Eat the right food. Consistently eat whole foods. Include good quality protein, healthy fat and vegetables of all colors. Consistently strive to avoid sugar and processed foods.

Once you’ve established these three fundamentals, add deep breathing and exercise to your routine and you’re well on your way. Ignoring any of these fundamentals will make other health improvement efforts, such as taking a nutritional supplement, much less effective. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Incremental changes in the short run amount to huge changes over time. I am a testament to this. 

What’s your story of transformation going to be?

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