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Scars - What's the Big Deal?

by Cindy Harrington, CNC, CHS, CINHC, CYT
Center for Nutritional Healing

A scar anywhere on the body can be a very big deal for one's health. Scars have the potential to affect the normal functioning of the nervous system, disrupt healing and cause ill health both physically and mentally. How? By interfering with the flow of energy and communication of the nervous system at our many nerve endings at the skin's surface.

A scar is defined as any mark remaining on the skin after an injury or wound has healed. That, of course, includes surgery scars. Scars are also created as a result of a tattoo, piercing, burn, immunizations of decades ago, circumcision, and removal of the umbilical cord thus creating the navel for all of us. Scars, when a result of birthing (i.e. episiotomy, tearing and C-section), can wreak havoc with a woman's post-partum health and be the major contributor to depression, chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, gastro-intestinal and pelvic organ problems in the short and long term.

At Center for Nutritional Healing, we routinely test clients' scars to determine if they are "active." Not all scars are. Active scars can be easily handled so the functioning of the nervous system improves and overall health restored. We typically recommend the regular application of a naturally nutrient-rich oil along with regular light therapy treatments with a cold laser, done in our office. These are quick, easy, painless, low-cost solutions that can result in life-changing improvements to an individual's health and quality of life.

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